CloudShell Overview

CloudShell Overview

CloudShell Cloud Sandbox platform: a new kind of cloud platform, built for automating the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Cloud sandbox changes the way organizations expose their on-prem and cloud based infrastructure to ensure that all teams in the DevOps lifecycle can get self-service access to personal replicas of production environments.














Give your development, test, QA, compliance, security, support, training, and sales teams self-service access to the production-like sandbox environments they need so they have complete control over their world.


Cloud sandboxes allow users to MODEL, AUTOMATE, and DEPLOY environments that consist of complex, heterogeneous, production-like environments. VMs and applications?  No problem.  Private and public cloud?  Yep.  Bare metal compute?  That too. Direct provisioning of network gear and storage arrays?  Even that. SDN and NFV? Most definitely.


Sandboxes can be saved as blueprints, shared with other users, modified, and deployed at any point in the DevOps lifecycle – making the transition from different phases of the DevOps Lifecycle seamless and low risk.


With CloudShell

  • DevTest labs and data centers operate more efficiently
  • sales organizations can give more and better demos
  • support teams can more quickly replicate customer environments
  • partner ecosystems can get third party developers and vendors to innovate more rapidly


With CloudShell you’ll see immediate benefits including:

  • Dramatically increased efficiency and ROI of lab and data center infrastructure through improved resource sharing and granular multi-tenancy
  • Energy and cost savings through intelligent infrastructure power control
  • Elimination of “resource hoarding” because of the ability to blueprint, save, and deploy sandboxes at any time
  • Huge reduction in dev, test, and other cycle times because of automated setup and teardown of sandbox environments
  • Deep visibility into usage, utilization, trends, and showback of infrastructure, VMs, and applications through integrated Analytics add-on


With CloudShell cloud sandbox platform, you’re automating the DevOps Lifecycle and accelerating your transformation to a digital business.


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