CloudShell Overview

CloudShell Overview

CloudShell is a DevOps self-service orchestration and automation platform for heterogeneous, multi-generational IT infrastructures and networks. CloudShell helps infrastructure and networking teams to deliver agile, end-to-end infrastructure and platform services to application delivery stakeholders, including developers, testers, compliance and security engineers and deployers.

CloudShell’s object-based architecture revolutionizes orchestration of IT data center, network, cloud and converged infrastructure and enables powerful outcomes including:

  • Dramatically increasing the efficiency and ROI of infrastructure through improved resource sharing
  • Enabling DevOps, agile and continuous development processes, leading to faster time to market
  • Empowering IT and network teams primarily composed of non-programmers to establish sustainable automation practices, maximizing and evolving costly human resources
  • Cloudifying and automating operational processes including application development, QA and testing, training, technology demonstration, integration and proof of concept and complex infrastructure deployment.


CloudShell’s flexible framework supports many orchestration and automation use cases. For more information, see our solution pages for information on:

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